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03/07/2000 - 23/06/2008

Ella was my introduction to Birmans the cat that started it all.


Ella was miss independent, who could also be the most loving and gentle girl possible. She was a cat who decided on 1st impression whether she liked you or not she would huff if she was not impressed. I owe this girl so much as without her I would not have bred the rest of the Elmarlay cats. Thank you Ella for all that you gave me and allowing me the opportunity to be part of your life.


I made the decision to retire Ella from maternal duties in 2007 after she gave birth to Miya. Ella should have had a long and happy retirement but this wasn’t to be she was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease soon after I discovered she was allergic to poultry, diet was changed again but in early June 2008 she began to loose weight and was just not herself, so a trip to the vets was made and to my horror and disbelief an inoperable bowel tumour was diagnosed and a difficult decision had to be made to end her suffering and allow Ella to be eased into a pain free sleep. I still shed many a tear at losing her but take comfort in the fact that her legacy will live on in her offspring.

You should have been here for longer but you gave so much in the time you were here I know that the nights sky has gained another star that shines so bright on us all. Sleep forever peacefully my darling girl.

I miss you



After much soul searching to find a fitting tribute to celebrate Ella's life, the most appropriate way to do this came when The Birman Cat Clubs winter magazine came through the door. They were looking for Trophy donation's for a variety of awards within the colours ranges 13c1 - 13c20.


I decided to contact them to see if a Blue point trophy was needed, it wasn't as this colour is one of the founding colours after a lengthy discussion with Caroline & Theresa Groves, I found out that one of the Trophies needed was for Lilacortie well this is where the tribute comes to life. Ella is the Great Grand Mother to Kindra my Lilac Tortie Girl, Kindra's registered name reflects Ella's passing by being Elmarlay Kindred Spirit. So the Elmarlay Memorial Shield was decided on. This is a way of showing how important Ella was and how she has influenced the breed, but as she was no show cat she would be unknown to many.

This way a piece of her will be passed around and remembered but also help me to move on and remember all the good times and not dwell on the sadness of losing her.

Below is a Picture of the Shield and the inscription reads

"Elmarlay Memorial Shield"
Awarded To The Top Lilac Tortie Prefix
In Honour Of
Nustoal Star Light Dreamer My Dear Ella


Opal was the cat I dreamed of breeding I had fallen in love with the Blue Tabbies after visiting the Supreme in 2001 and wanted to breed one. It took me three years to get a Blue Tabby girl. Opal was stunning although she was not show marked she made up for it in personality. She was my munchkin she wanted to help with what ever you were doing, so much so she would chirp to you whilst you got on with what ever you were doing.

Opal started calling just before her booster was due so I delayed mating her and had her booster jab completed but she was cruelly taken from me three weeks later after she reacted to her booster. I had lost my beautiful girl and I have never since used a live vaccine with any of my cats due to this tragic loss. I have also never had another Blue Tabby as I could never replace Opal. Sleep well my darling little munchkin, you will always be my special girl.
You will always be loved X


Kyra - was a beautiful chocolate tabby girl who I had high hopes of showing and breeding from. She had a short life but she caused mayhem in what ever she did, she loved stirring up trouble amongst the other girls and she was best mates with Brodie her partner in crime they were kittens together and were like peas in a pod.

Kyra had a fantastic day at the Semi Long Hair Cat Clubs Show of 2007 as she was awarded the peoples choice cat. She obtained her 1st CC at 9 months but she stopped developing how she should and by the time she was 13 months old she was still quite kittenish, sadly at 15 months she had a seizure and I rushed her to the vets My vets battled to save her but it wasn’t to be and after being hooked up to a drip she passed away in her sleep the following morning. Sleep tight my beautiful girl you bought so much joy to Elmarlay you are sadly missed and I would have dearly loved to have seen what your kittens would have been like but sadly that was not to be. I take comfort in the fact that you are free from pain and are watching over us all.

 Shine bright my little star X



(13c5) Red Point Birman (Neutered Male)

Sire Norvin Laliquepapillon (13c4) Dam Esaya Rising Phoenix (13c5)




(13c10) Lilac Tortie Point Birman

Sire CH Esaya Siouxwarrior (13c15)  Dam Elmarlay Riverruns High (13c2)



(13c8) Blue Tortie Point Birman

Sire Norvin Laliquepapillon (13c4)      Dam Nightfire Hamshill Peaches (13c15)



(13c1) Seal Point Birman

Sire Sucette Mr Softee (13c3) Dam Nustoal Starlight Dreamer (13c2



(13c2) Bluepoint Birman

Sire GR CH Kuridu Wild Silk (13c3)     Dam Nustoal Starlight Dreamer (13c2)



(13c13) Chocolate Tabby Point Birman

Sire Demilune Tormist Mr Oliver (13c11)      Dam GR. CH. Elmarlay Lunar Moon (13c4)

Sharnie is Blood Typed – A/A



(13c2) Blue Point Birman

Sire Amisti Kirstavin Charming (13c4)        Dam Elmarlay Enchantress Miya (13c1)

Dream is Blood Typed – A/b



(13c5) Red Point Birman

Sire UK. GR. CH. Esaya Mars (13c5)        Dam CH. Silloc Tamarisk (13c5)

Dream is Blood Typed – A/b