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(13c15) Red Tabby Point Birman


Known at home as “Lexx”


Lexx came to Elmarlay from Audrey Saye of the Esaya Cattery, he is quite unique for Esaya being a Red Tabby as a general rule Audrey does not experiment with mixing the Red and Tabby lines, but boy are we so glad she did this one off mating as Lexx simply blew me away and am so grateful to Audrey for allowing me the honour of owning and showing Lexx.

Lexx was confirmed by DNA swab testing to be a Red Tabby, as he caused some confusion amongst fellow breeders.


Lexx attended three shows as an adult and achieved his title of Champion he also has one Grand Challenge Certificate and one reserve before retiring as his coat shaded and his tabby marking became less defined. I am so proud of Lexx he became the 2nd Champion that I owned. Lexx has proven himself to be a strong sire producing 5 show marked kittens within three litters. His most famous daughter is Champion Elmarlay Babbling Brooke, his up coming daughters are Elmarlay Mist Onthewater & her litter sister Elmarlay Makin Asplash (2cc’s).




Lexx’s Kitten Career.

2 x Open 1sts
2 x Open 2nds
1 x Best Of Breed
3 x 1st Miscellaneous Class Places
1 x 2nd Miscellaneous Class Place
3 x 3rd Miscellaneous Class Places

“Lexx” - Adult Career

Lexx’s Adult Career

1 x Grand Champion Certificate
1 x Reserve Grand Champion Certificate
6 x Champion Certificates
3 x Best of Breeds
1 x Best Of Variety Nomination

In His Miscellaneous Classes

3 x 1st Places
5 x 2nd Places
4 x 3rd Places