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(82 15)Solid Black Siberian


Known at home as Wytch


Wytch is the younger half sibling of Zahara and joined the ranks of Elmarlay in September 2009. She is an interesting character she resembles a Lemur as she is so agile and loves climbing and if food is involved it is a bonus.


Wytch has been out on the show bench but was not very impressed by the whole experience she found being penned up all day a bit of a bore. She achieved four merits and did well in her side classes so she has also helped with promoting the breed under GCCF.

Wytch carries the genes to produce both blue and colour point kittens, she will only have tabby kittens if mated to a Tabby male.


Why Wytch well she is black cat and with her white tip to her tail she can cast a spell on you!!!



Wytch has made a brief entrance to the world of cat shows and has done the Esaya & Elmarlay catteries proud.

Wytch to date has achieved,

4 X Merits

In Side Classes she has achieved.

5 x 1st Placings
4 x 2nd Placings
3 x 3rd Placings
1 x 4th Placing

Wytch is not too fussed about showing so is taking an extended break for motherhood.