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The Story of Elmarlay


Where it all began good question if you asked me ten years ago did I see myself breeding and showing cats, I would have probably laughed.


So where did it start, well let me explain my mother wanted to start breeding cats as over the years we had enjoyed breeding from the many pets that had come and gone, we had always been an animal mad family in some shape or form. Mom had decided that she wanted a pedigree cat, so the search began and after spending many hours looking through books of various breeds we kept coming back to the Birman. A local breeder advertised a litter of kittens, she had two little girls available who were breed quality so I took my mom to look at the litter a Seal & Blue Point, at this point I had no intention of having a cat let alone breeding or showing. The Blue girl radiated for my lap and then my head and proceeded to purr so loud you just couldn’t ignore her, I did try as I was quite happy with the dogs, or so I thought!!!


The interesting part is my mom chose the seal girl and well the blue girl chose me and she was coming home with me no matter what. Well this little Girl was to become Nustoal Starlight Dreamer by her posh name but she will always remain as my Ella. Sadly Ella is no longer with me but her legacy lives on and her picture can be seen on my Memories page where she will always remain as well as in my heart.


From Ella the story continues with the rest of my cats, some have been shown some haven’t but they each have a special place in the Elmarlay Family. Ella has also had an influence on my GCCF registered Prefix as the ‘EL’ is taken from her name so she will always be part of my cats. The Marlay comes from the name of my street with a little adjustment, Ella was my 1st Birman and the house I bought is my 1st home so it made sense after all my 1st choices were turned down to combine the two and create “ELMARLAY”