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(82 31s) Black Smoke With White Siberian.


picture to follow

Known at home as “Reba”


Reba was not destined to stay but after many offers of homes that fell through at the 11th hour as she was approaching nine months by this point I decided that she had settled here and as her and Libby are best buddies it seemed a shame to part them. Reba is the mini me of her dad in looks and she also has his temperament for constantly wanting a cuddle. I will watch Reba’s development further before putting her on the show bench as her coat is still quite short. 


Reba like her half sibling Alyssa will have a 50:50 chance of carrying the Colour Point gene she may also carry the blue gene as well from her dam. I not sure where I will take this line as I initially had no plans to keep Reba.