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(82 31t) Brown Spotted Tabby With White Siberian.


Known at home as “Alyssa”


Alyssa is the new kid on the block she is the daughter of Zahara from her 1st litter sired by Scout. Alyssa is a Brown Tabby & White she has inherited her stunning looks from both her mom and dad and she has the most loving temperament ever, she purrs like a train.


This girl had me excited from the moment she was born and although I thought do I or do I not keep her, crunch time came when I looked at her and thought how nice it would be to show her and get Elmarlay recognized on the show bench for Siberians. She has been shown three times as a kitten and once as an adult achieving a Merit Certificate each time, she is taking a break to grow up before venturing out again to try her hand at Intermediate Certificates.


When Alyssa is ready to be a mom, I know that she has the potential to produce solid coloured kittens, as she has a solid sire, as both her sire and dam carry the gene for Colour Point she has a 50/50 chance of also carrying the gene.