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My name is Wayne Baxter, and I live in Kingswinford in the West Midlands UK. I have been owned by the loving breed of Birmans for the last ten years and have been breeding for eight of those ten years and within my time of breeding I have become hooked on showing. I have enjoyed successes along the way but my most successful cat has to be UK Grand Champion Elmarlay Lunar Moon.


In September 2008 Siberians cats entered the Elmarlay household and one has quickly become four. Esaya Zahara Of Elmarlay has enjoyed success on the show bench and Koolblue Kleverklogs also took his turn as well as well as Esaya Bwytching-Elmarlay and our homebred girl Elmarlay Alyssa has also enjoyed success.   


I donít produce a large amount of kittens a year and my overall aim is to produce happy and healthy kittens that are of excellent Birman & Siberian type. All my cats are loving pets and live in the house along side myself and my three dogs. So my kittens are well socialised and are happy and confident when they leave us for their new homes.


Throughout the time that I have been owned, showing and breeding my beloved Birmans and now Siberians I have made many friends and sincerely thank them all for their support and advice over the years and hereís to the future.


I hope you enjoy looking at my site, Pictures and updates will be added regularly. Pictures of our new arrivals will also appear on the kitten pages when they arrive.

Thank You for visiting,

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