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(82 31ts) Silver Spotted Tabby & White



This young man is co-owned with Mandy Symonds of Radzimierz Siberians. He was the product of many discussion about the need for new blood within both catteries and one rather cold January day whilst at Mandyís we started looking at the many breeders abroad and after looking at several websites we stumbled on his breeders site and were pleased when we saw that his breeder incorporated colour points into her breeding as both catteries are working with colour points alongside our other colours. When we saw his dam we were in ore and when we discovered she had a litter of kittens we got excited, when we saw his picture and discovered he was available fingers got working and emails were flying back and forth.


Neiko as he is now named is a great addition as he brings new lines into the UK. Neiko has lived up to his early promise and has followed his heritages show winning ways at seven months and at his first show being awarded Best In Show SLH kitten and then Overall SLH BIS. Neiko you are a dream come true and canít Thank Valentina enough for entrusting you to us. Neiko followed his early promise up as an adult he went onto achieve four Intermediate Certificates with three best of breeds his final adult show he went out with a bang by being Best In Show SLH Adult and then overall SLH and came down to the final three for overall BIS. Neiko is taking some time out to mature before returning to try his hand at champion when the breed moves forward.