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(82 31at) Blue Spotted Tabby & White


(photo courtesy of Mark Harris)

Sire – Radzimierz Divo   Dam – Elmarlay Alyssa


Eli is my home grown boy and from the moment he was born he just had something I couldn’t explain what but definitely something. It may have been the fact he was a blue tabby something that I have wanted since I first became interested in the breed. Eli is from my first home bred girl Alyssa and as like her mom is a silent caller it is hard to establish when in fact she is calling I was worried I would lose my foundation. So when Eli was born the last cat I wanted to retain was another male. Speaking to Mandy Symonds who owns his sire about him and then her seeing him she agreed that he was something special and that as Divo was getting no younger and she hadn’t kept his line in a male then maybe Eli was the answer. So Eli will hopefully protect boy catteries foundation lines.


 Eli has done me proud he has been out and about as a kitten and also as an adult and has achieved consistently. My proudest moment was when he went to the 2013 Coventry and Leicester Show in February 2013 which was his final kitten show and he took the honour of being Best In Show SLH kitten.


Once proven Eli is likely to replace his Grandfather Scout as one of my breeding males only time will tell.